Bluebird botanicals review 2021

Established IN 2012, Bluebird Botanicals is a top CBD brand with an extensive history producing premium hemp products only. The company’s founder was fascinated by plant-based medicinal solutions and supplements. The rise of Bluebird Botanicals coincided with the blooming of the CBD industry, and with the founders boasting extensive CBD research, the company became a flagship in the US CBD Marketplace.

Bluebird Botanicals has an admirable mission and enjoys a stellar reputation for its premium quality hemp products. The company earned the 2016 CBD Company of the Year Award and is also rated B Corporation – which recognizes the company’s commitment to environmental and ethical responsibility. Among others, the company is certified by the U.S Hemp Authority and adheres to the GMP guidelines in their manufacturing facilities.

Further, its dedication to transparency, accountability, and customer service shines through its programs and upfront involvement in community activities. For starters, Bluebird Botanicals runs pocket-friendly programs such as military veteran discounts, as well as assistance deals meant for people living with disabilities. This aligns with their mission to provide quality CBD products to ordinary citizens and more. The company also exhibits its tremendous generosity by giving donations to several non-profits, including the Global Fund for Women, the American Cancer Society, and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Overall, we felt the company creates a good impression starting from their quality product catalog, organic and sustainable hemp cultivation practices, dedication to transparency and professionalism, and commitment to society-oriented programs. This is proof of its reputation. The company utilizes steam, ethanol, and the gold standard CO2 extraction process for all its products and conducts all-important third-party testing. Their product line has acceptable CBD and THC variances and has been tested for and passed the purity test for contaminants. Moreover, they have a decent product catalog, including CBD capsules, lotions, tinctures, and pet products incredibly crafted to address several health conditions. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Bluebird Botanicals CBD company, a little background, and what they have to offer.

Background: About the Company

Bluebird Botanicals was founded in 2012 by Brandon Beatty, who had a lifelong infatuation with hemp and plant-based supplements. Initially, Beatty worked in an apothecary, from where he developed a passion for hemp-derived solutions to our everyday needs. Eventually, he set up Gaia Botanicals (that later came to be Bluebird Botanicals CBD company) in Louisville, Colorado – which also doubles up as the headquarters.

Ever since, the company’s meteoric rise has been a product of its commitment to transparency, quality, potency, and customer service. Bluebird Botanicals strives to be the flagship company in the CBD marketplace by adhering to sustainable manufacturing practices from seed to sale and discloses their batch system database. The company is hailed for the efficacy of their premium hemp products, which are known to help improve several health conditions, including:

  • Skin appearance.
  • Focus.
  • Sleep.
  • The immune system.

The company is independently owned, with Brandon being the CEO. He oversees all business operations, from cultivation and sourcing of homegrown CBD-rich US hemp to formulation and packaging in the company’s GMP-approved facility based in Louisville, Colorado. Since its establishment, Bluebird Botanicals has taken numerous measures to enhance their accountability.

All their products earned a 100% score for the third-party GMP audit requirement for starters. Secondly, the company is dedicated to environmental conservation. That is why they utilize organic, regenerative, and sustainable farming practices geared towards protecting our planet. This eco-conscious mentality is why Bluebird Botanicals prioritizes environmental ethics and responsibility over corporate gain. To that extent, the company holds the following certifications.

Bluebird Botanicals: Certifications and Awards

  • A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Vegan-friendly products.
  • U.S Hemp Authority approved.
  • B Corporation certification.
  • Leaping Bunny Approved cruelty-free.
  • Glyphosate residue free.

All the certifications mentioned above are proof of the company’s commitment to vital aspects of our daily lives, including environmental ethics, humanitarianism, and social responsibility. Regarding their manufacturing practices, the company is impressively transparent. They use locally grown and sourced hemp from licensed Colorado farmlands and utilize the industry-standard supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain full-spectrum extracts. Other vital manufacturing steps such as formulation and packaging are done in-house in their quality-controlled Louisville facility. Also, as a control measure, the company conducts its independent third-party testing for all its product batches via the reputable Botanacor Lab. At this facility, testers examine the following parameters to ascertain if they match label claims;

  • Quantity of CBD (cannabinoid integrity).
  • THC content.
  • Presence of active phytonutrients and terpenes.
  • Purity of extracts.

Its customer-facing interfaces, such as its website, are well designed and offer a seamless shopping experience. They have several contact options, such as a phone number and an email address. Moreover, their comprehensive FAQ section is a rich source of information as it covers basic inquiries and responses on topics such as shipping, returns, and prices.

The company’s dedication to customer service offers numerous pocket-friendly assistance programs such as the 40% off for military veteran discounts and individuals with long-term disabilities. Their 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee is also a catch. However, they don’t offer refunds on used or already opened goods and products based on taste. As we took our shopping journey via the site, we noticed well-detailed product pages, each with ample information on the ingredient list, potency, price point, and usage.

The Company’s Specifications

  • Hemp source – the United States.
  • CBD Extraction Method – CO2 Extraction.
  • International Shipping – the U.S
  • Price Range – $9.95 to $200.
  • CBD Strength – 84 mg to 1000000 mg across the board.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee – Yes.
  • Military Veteran Discount – Yes.
  • Offers Tastes and Flavors – Yes.
  • Price Range per mg of CBD – $0.01 to $0.18.
  • Extract Type – Full Spectrum.
  • Consumption Method – Tinctures and Drops, Capsules, Creams and Topicals, CBD Isolates: Pets – Tinctures and Edibles.

Manufacturing Process

Bluebird Botanical utilizes locally grown and CBD-rich Colorado hemp, sourced from licensed organic farmlands. But with its recent increase in the CBD market share, the company has expanded its hemp sources and now imports hemp from Canada. However, the hemp seed oil is used as part of their Hemp Signature and Hemp Classic formulas.

Bluebird Botanicals’ eco-conscious mentality is evident in their regenerative agricultural practices on their select farmlands that help conserve soil integrity, reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste disposal, and limit aerosols. All these align with the company’s commitment to ecosystem health and sustainability. Once the hemp plant is mature at its flowering stage, it is harvested and shipped to its processing facilities in Louisville, Colorado. The facility is quality controlled and adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations, plus their stages of manufacturing were approved by Eurofins Scientific – a reputable consumer protection agency that rated the company 100% secure.

From there, formulation of their product line is done in-house under quality-controlled facilities. Here, the company utilizes the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction criterion to maintain the purity and cannabinoid integrity of their full-spectrum extracts. However, there is an exception for some of their extracts obtained via ethanol and steam distillation processes. The company focuses on both the full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolates. Bluebird Botanicals formulates their product catalog using the extracts mentioned above, along with all-natural, organic, and active ingredients such as the easily digestible Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT oil) for optimal efficacy.

As you probably know, matters of CBD are not regulated by the FDA. But to ensure only the purest and premium CBD products, Bluebird Botanicals conducts independent third-party testing via the reputable Botanacor Laboratories. The latter verifies their samples’ purity, potency, CBD quantity, and cannabinoid integrity.

Range of Products

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil

If you demand a high-quality, premium, and cleanest CBD oil, this organic tincture brought to you by Bluebird Botanicals is the ideal choice. Every tincture is lab-certified to contain full-spectrum, organically grown hemp extract. The tincture contains 4.2 mg full-spectrum CBD per serving and comes in different bottle sizes, ranging from 0.33 oz – 8oz.

The company doesn’t offer flavored tinctures, except for the Hemp Classic CBD oil formulated using organic hemp seed oil from Canada. The tincture is formulated using CO2 extracted full-spectrum extract and comes suspended in organic MCT career oil for maximum bioavailability. The company’s Hemp Signature CBD oil, on the other hand, is formulated using CO2 extracted full-spectrum oil but is suspended in organic olive oil. That said, the following are some of the Bluebird Botanicals’ most popular products in this category;

  • 1500 mg Bluebird Classic 6x Concentrated Hemp Oil, 50 mg/ml.
  • 250 mg Bluebird Classic Hemp Oil, 8.33 mg/ml.
  • 83 mg Bluebird Classic Hemp Oil, 8.33 mg/ml.
  • 250 mg Complete Hemp Oil, 8.33 mg/ml.
  • 3000 mg Bluebird Signature 6x Hemp Oil, 50 mg/ml.
  • 500 mg Bluebird Hemp Signature, 8.33 mg/ml.

Bluebird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Extracts

The company offers super-concentrated tinctures with potencies 6x more than the regular CBD oil. This tincture comes in bottles ranging from 0.33oz to 8oz and contains 25 mg of CBD per serving. These concentrated tinctures are formulated using full-spectrum hemp extract and come suspended in the MCT career oil for maximum absorption. That said, below are some of the company’s popular products under this category:

  • 500 mg Bluebird Classic 6x Concentrated Hemp Oil, 50 mg/ml.
  • 1500 mg Hemp Oil Concentrate Complete 6x, 50 mg/ml.
  • 3000 mg Hemp Oil Concentrate Complete 6x, 50 mg/ml.
  • 1500 THC Free CBD Oil, 50 mg/ml.
  • 900 mg Organic CBD Oil – CBN Sleep Formula 06, 30 mg/ml.
  • 1500 mg Bluebird Signature 6x Hemp Oil, 50 mg/ml.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Capsules

These Classic CBD Oil Capsules are made for daily intake and are formulated with active ingredients that help ease tension and stress. The extract used is full-spectrum, CO2 extracted and has no flavor or taste whatsoever. Every tablet contains 15 mg of CBD, but the company also offers 5 mg CBD capsules blended with raw and heat extracted hemp oil. However, they are made using bovine gelatin and are not vegan-friendly. That said, below are the company’s capsule variants:

  • 450 mg Concentrated Hemp Extract Capsules, 30 counts, 15 mg/unit.
  • 900 mg Concentrated Hemp Extract Capsules, 60 counts, 15 mg/unit.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Lotions

The company offers three variants of this topical product, formulated with full-spectrum CO2 extracted hemp extract. The three varieties include:

  • CBD Sports Cream – includes active ingredients such as jojoba, arnica, and coconut oil.
  • Hemp CBD Essential Lotion is available in three bottle sizes and formulated using carrots, jojoba, and coconut oils.
  • Hemp CBD Silk Lotion – designed to rectify chronic skin dryness and includes active ingredients such as jojoba, essential oils, and coconut oils.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

This tincture for cats and dogs contains 4.2 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil per serving and utilizes organic hemp seed oil as a base career. This product also comes in capsules containing 15 mg of CBD and is available in 30 and 60-count containers. The company also offers the Companion CBD 5 mg capsules for pets, available in 60 and 120 count containers. Below are their popular CBD Pet products;

  • 84 mg Companion CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats, 8.4 mg/ml.
  • 250 mg Companion CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats, 8.33 mg/ml.
  • 500 mg Companion CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats, 8.33 mg/ml.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate

The company offers 99.99% pure CBD isolates that come in both tinctures and crystalline forms. The product comes in varying sizes that range from 1g to 250g, but bulk options are also offered from 100g to 1000g. Bluebird Botanicals popular isolates include:

  • 1g CBD Isolate, 1000 mg/ml.
  • 5g CBD Isolate, 1000 mg/ml, 5000 mg.
  • 1000g CBD Isolate Wholesale, 1000 mg/ml, 100,000 mg.

Reviewed Products

Immune Support Vitamin D3 & CBD Oil

This was our number one product to order. This special formulation contains 4.2 mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 0.5 ml serving, along with 2500 UI of vitamin D3 and a fractionated coconut oil base. The product is contained in amber and luxurious glass bottle, packaged with a total CBD amount of 250 mg. Other details elaborated on the packaging include the ingredient list, nutritional facts, and usage criteria. One bottle contains 60 servings, with the company recommending oral or sublingual intake a maximum of two times per day.

The CBD oil is clear, has a strong earthy and herbal hemp smell, and has thin but consistent viscosity. The tincture has no added flavors, and we could detect the natural smell of hemp on our tongues. We used the batch number and the product’s QR code regarding the third-party lab reports to access the details. First, the sample had a THC concentration of 0.05%, which falls within the acceptable limit of 0.3%. Secondly, it indicated a total CBD amount of 261 mg, the 11 mg more representing a variance of 4% – which is well within the allowable limit of 10%. The report also indicated that the sample was tested for and passed the purity test for contaminants and was free of microbes, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

Companion CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

This pet product came in an amber bottle and a well-calibrated dropper for a more discrete dosage. The label indicated 250 mg of CBD in the bottle, with a serving of 0.5 ml containing 4.2 mg of CBD. This pet tincture is formulated using full-spectrum CBD oil and organic hemp seed oil. The usage instructions indicated 15 drops of oral or sublingual administration on the packaging.

The CBD oil is yellow, has an earthy hemp fragrance, and thin viscosity. The bottle had a QR code that led us to the third-party lab test report. The results indicated a CBD amount of 276 mg, with the extra 17 mg representing a variance of 7%, well within the 10% allowable limit. The sample had a THC concentration of 0.05% and was tested for and passed the purity test.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Silk Lotion

We ordered the third product from Bluebird Botanicals was their Hemp CBD Silk Lotion. It came in nice packaging, with the 6oz bottle containing 1250 mg of full-spectrum CO2 extracted CBD. The container was a coral white squeezable plastic tube with a nozzle that makes the application seamless. The package indicated the quantity, uses, and ingredient list. The lotion is designed for topical application to dry skin, according to the company. The lotion is formulated using key active ingredients, including;

  • Hemp seed oil.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Lavender essential oils.
  • Geranium.
  • Rosemary.

When applied to the skin, the lotion leaves a soothing and long-lasting feeling and has a medium viscosity that makes the application seamless. Regarding the third-party lab test results, we used the bottle’s QR code to assess that. This 1250 mg container had 1504 mg, 254.5 mg beyond the listed value. This represents a variance of 20%, which is double the allowable limit of 10%. However, the sample contained a THC concentration of 0.01% and was also tested for and passed the purity test. It is free of pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, microbes, and residual solvents.


Bluebird Botanicals is an independently owned business with numerous certifications, approvals, and awards. The U.S Hemp Authority and the A+ with the Better Business Bureau are among them. And most recently, the company was certified vegan and approved by the Leaping Bunny. The company was founded by a family who boasted extensive hemp and plant-based supplementary research background. Overall, the company attributes its success and meteoric rise in the US CBD marketplace to its dedication to quality, transparency, and customer service. That is why it has maintained a steadfast presence in the mainstream hemp market.

Quality and Transparency

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the few companies with the U.S Hemp Authority certification. This badge is awarded to CBD brands that partner and educate licensed hemp farmers on organic, regenerative, and sustainable farming practices. Moreover, the company’s Louisville-based manufacturing facilities are certified and approved by the GMP, with their most recent audit score at 100%.

Leafreport’s Market Reports Score

The latest 2021 pricing report listed Bluebird Botanicals in grade A. This was a checklist that compared the average pricing of over 140 CBD brands, ranking them from the cheapest to the most expensive for select products.

Bluebird Botanicals Coupons, Deals, and Discounts

The company’s dedication to customer service shines through the assistance and savings plans they run, among them:

  • 40% off for new customers.
  • 40% off for military veterans and folks living with long-term disabilities.
  • 15% off for auto-shipment subscription.

Buying Experience

We were impressed with its intuitive design when we first landed on the Bluebird Botanicals website. The website is well organized, from its choice of typefaces and background colors to product categorization and pricing, including a seamless and straightforward checkout page.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Bluebird Botanicals is quite transparent regarding who they are and the quality of their product catalog. All products are tested by batch, and no stone is left unturned. Additionally, the company posts all their lab results on the website for easy customer access.

What We Like About the Company

  • The company utilizes organic and regenerative agricultural practices.
  • It runs multiple customer assistance programs.
  • It has numerous certifications, including the B Corporation, Leaping Bunny, and the U.S Hemp Authority, to mention a few.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • A live onsite chatbox is absent from the website.
  • Slow response to customer inquiries.

Our Overall Verdict

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the pioneer brands of CBD products in the US marketplace, having been established in 2012 – a time when the CBD industry was starting to bloom. For many years, customers have had rave reviews about the company, which is proof of the quality and efficacy of their product catalog. The company invests in the more expensive but effective CO2 extraction process that guarantees the cannabinoid integrity of their hemp-derived full-spectrum products. All aspects of the company, from seed to sale, are impressive. If you are an enthusiast of CBD products, you wouldn’t go wrong with Bluebird Botanicals.


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