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Sunmed CBD is a fairly young CBD company, but it boasts a decent CBD inventory with capsules, tinctures, topicals, pet items, and edibles, which are the mainstream CBD products. It offers full- and broad-spectrum CBD formulated products in 30- 3000 mg concentrations. Moreover, the brand uses organic, non-GMO, USDA-certified hemp sustainably and organically grown in Colorado farms to manufacture its CBD products. with a $0.06- $0.1 per mg CBD price point, its pricing is fair to slightly above the market average. Like most CBD brands, Sunmed uses MCT oil as the carrier for most products in its inventory, increasing their availability in the system. The brand’s website is well-designed, allowing easy navigation and a great shopping experience. Nonetheless, adding a product of choice to the cart is limited to having an account. Does the company measure up well enough to deserve your pence? Below is our full 2022 review of the brand, which analyzes all aspects of the company, helping you decide its suitability.

About the Company

Sunmed CBD was founded in 2018 and has a history of four years. It was founded by Rachel Quinn, a woman who suffered from Crohn’s disease and only found remedy when she used CBD products. This moved her together with her husband to start a company called Sunflora Inc, which they later added a CBD product line to, birthing Sunmed. According to its website, Sunmed stands out from the rest by taking an innovative approach to CBD and CBD products. It claims that while other CBD brands simply utter promises, its innovative approaches help it offer its clients nothing but the best.

The company has its hemp farms in Denver, Colorado, and the hemp plants are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and USDA-certified for organic practices. It offers full- and broad-spectrum CBD formulated products, both of which offer a full entourage effect with and without the psychoactive THC. The total CBD concentrations in the capsules, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and the pet items offered by the company is 30- 3000 mg, allowing the company to take in veteran and novice CBD enthusiasts with varied CBD concentrations need. The products cost $10- $180, a fairly wide price range that accommodates almost all CBD consumers, including those with sub-optimal financial life standards.

At an average price point of $0.06- $0.1, Sunmed’s CBD products are fairly priced, although some are expensive and many have price points higher than the market average. Most CBD brands help clients save on purchases via free shipping arrangements, but Sunmed does not offer free shipping for any order despite its fairly elaborate product inventory. Although Sunmed’s website is easily designed and promises a wonderful shopping experience, it lacks a dedicated FAQ link. Rather, the bottom of the website has a section with about six questions that do not elaborately touch on all concerns people would have about THC. The company does not ship internationally but delivers orders to the US, UK, Japan, and Canada, and the shipping periods differ, depending on the delivery location.


The following specs are true about Sunmed based on its official website;

  • The company offers full- and broad-spectrum CBD formulations for a full entourage effect
  • Extracts are available as tinctures, topicals, edibles, pet items, and capsules
  • The company uses the clean CO2 extraction method to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • Its hemp is sourced from the US, specifically Colorado
  • The company is USDA-certified for organic practices and farming methods
  • There are no military veteran discounts and free shipping arrangement
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies to all sales
  • The total CBD concentrations in the products offered by the brand range from 30- 3000 mg CBD
  • The CBD items in the brand’s catalog cost $10- $180
  • The company has a $0.06- $0.1 per mg CBD price point
  • MCT oil as the carrier for maximum bioavailability
  • Rigorous 3rd party testing of products for standard contaminants and THC/CBD potency
  • A centralized online hub for posting the lab results, allowing a one-and-all viewership of the test results

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the hemp spaces since it determines the overall quality of the CBD products a company offers. Consequently, reputable CBD brands plant their hemp or liaise with farms whose hemp plats meet the quality they desire for their products, and Sunmed is no exception. The brand sources its hemp from Denver, Colorado, one of the largest hemp-growing zones in the USA. The climatic suitability of the area makes it worthwhile for hemp growing. Sunmed then uses the clean CO2 extraction method to process the hemp, separating CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. The extracts are available in full- and broad-spectrum formulations, offering a full entourage effect with and without the psychoactive THC.

Manufacturing Process

Sunmed is a legal, authorized grower and processor of American hemp sourced from Denver, Colorado. Colorado is one of the US’s largest hemp-growing zones since its climatic suitability is ideal and provides the conditions needed for hemp to grow. Its hemp plants are pesticide-free, non-GMO, and 100% organic, according to its website. The company’s latest achievement is USDA certification, a qualification only given to brands that uphold the highest hemp growing and processing standards, adding to the CBD products’ safety.

Sunmed uses the clean CO2 extraction method to process hemp and separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. The extracts are in broad- and full-spectrum formulations, both offering a full entourage effect. Sunmed deals in the mainstay CBD products, including softgels, capsules, edibles, topicals, and pet items, all of which can be ordered from its website upon registration or opening an account. The CO2 extraction method is preferred over other methods in the hemp space since it carefully strips all the oil with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without unnecessarily attaching solvents to the extracts. Like most CBD brands, Sunmed formulates its products with MCT oil as the carrier, ensuring increased bioavailability.

The next step is 3rd party testing, a vital independent quality and control strategy the brand executes to ensure its products are potent and pure. It tests for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials, filth and foreign matter, mycotoxins, and more. Besides, Sunmed tests the actual THC and CBD contents in the items and matches them with what is indicated on the labels. The tests are done in liaison with Green Scientific Labs, a group of modern labs, and the results are posted on the centralized Lab Reports hub on the main menu, and one can easily view them.

Range of Products

Sunmed has a fairly decent product inventory with the following CBD products;

Sunmed CBD Tinctures

Sunmed’s tinctures come in broad- and full-spectrum formulations, which are further offered in water-soluble and beyond-water-soluble versions. They feature 160 to 3000 mg CBD concentrations, capturing veteran and novice enthusiasts. The oils cost $30- $135, revealing a $0.08- $0.63 per mg CBD price point.

Sunmed CBD Gummies

These come in 30-count packs, each delivering 25 mg CBD. The broad- and full-spectrum gummies are made with pectin, making them vegan-friendly. Still, there are fruity flavored gummies that come in 5-count trial packs, which you can start with to get used to these products. The gummies are strictly for oral, discreet, nutritious uses, according to the website.

Sunmed CBD Capsules

Sunmed offers capsules in broad-spectrum formulations. The softgels come in 750 mg total CBD concentration 30-count packs, each delivering 25 mg CBD. Like gummies in the brand’s inventory, the capsules are made of pectin, making them vegan-friendly.

Sunmed CBD Topicals

The brand has a topical line with broad- and full-spectrum CBD products. They include lotions, moisturizers, creams, serums, and roll-ons. These products are recommended for topical use only, and the respective product pages detail information on how they are used.

Sunmed CBD Pet Products

The brand’s pet line includes pet chews, edibles, and tinctures. They feature various CBD concentrations, including 250 and 500 mg, and various flavors, including jerky sticks, natural, cheese, and bacon. According to the website, they are meant for oral use, but the tinctures can be taken sublingually.

What We Like About the Company

We appreciated the following pros while reviewing the Sunmed CBD brand;

  • The company is diligent about 3rd party lab tests and liaises with high-tech labs for these tests
  • Sunmed avails its test results on a centralized hub for easy viewership
  • The $0.06 lower threshold of the brand’s average price point indicates fair pricing on some items
  • USDA certification of the brand indicates that the highest hemp growing and processing standards are observed throughout the cycle
  • Formulating products with MCT oil ensures maximum bioavailability
  • The company boasts using all-natural ingredients in manufacturing CBD products, limiting the possibility of contaminating the final products
  • Using the clean CO2 extraction method to process hemp and strip CBD oil from its surfaces means no solvents are unnecessarily attached to the extract surfaces
  • The lab results available online indicate that most products in the inventory pass contaminant tests
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows clients with defective or broken products or product holders to return them and seek exchanges and returns
  • The brand religiously shares lab results that one can easily find on the web and locate a particular products’ test results using batch numbers or manual scrolling

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although the brand has many pros to count on, the following cons are associated with it and need straightening for it to perform better;

  • Shopping or adding a product to the cart on Sunmed’s new website is limited to having an account
  • Some items on the company’s website are highly-priced and pose an average price point that’s well above the market average
  • Unlike most CBD brands, Sunmed does not have a military veteran discount or a free shipping arrangement
  • The brand’s money-back guarantee is complicated, and its returns are strictly limited to defective products

Our Verdict

Our review for Sunmed was generally good since the company uses non-GMO, organic, USDA-certified hemp for manufacturing CBD products, uses the clean CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD oil from hemp surfaces, diligently conducts 3rd party tests in liaison with modern labs, religiously shares test results online on a centralized hub, formulates its products with MCT oil for maximum bioavailability, and allows a 30-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied clients to seek exchanges and returns. Nonetheless, the company does not offer free shipping or military veteran discounts, highly prices some products, limits adding an item to the cart to having an account, and has a scrapped money-back guarantee whose returns are limited to defective items. As such, the company is a good one, but it can perform better by straightening the mentioned kinks.


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