Where to buy CBD in north dakota

CBD from hemp and marijuana is legal in North Dakota, and you can buy it online as the best shot. However, medical cannabis-derived CBD is available in the local dispensaries. This article helps you know the cannabis laws in North Dakota and how they affect CBD availability and sales.

Are you looking for the best place to buy CBD in North Dakota? You came to the right place. This is an informational article on the best place you could go to get CBD in North Dakota, and it does not offer any medical advice in favor of CBD. In 2016, Measure 5 was passed, allowing people with severe medical conditions to legally access medical cannabis and its CBD, which you can get from the local dispensaries if you have a card. Meanwhile, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 US states, including North Dakota, and you can buy it locally or online. Meanwhile, the people of North Dakota rejected a bill in November 2018 that would legalize marijuana for recreational use, and delta- 8 THC also remains illegal in this state. Here is all you need to know about where to get CBD in North Dakota and related cannabis laws.

CBD Basics

Before delving into the best place to buy CBD in North Dakota, you must know the basics about CBD. Following the passing of the Agricultural Act in 2014 and the Farm Bill in 2018, many states have made efforts to legalize CBD, making it even more popular. What is CBD? Kicman & Toczek (2020) and Bauer et al. (2020) noted that CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants and one of the many you can find here. According to Mascal et al. (2019), non-psychoactive means it does not make you high. Thus, CBD is unlike THC, which, according to Schlienz et al. (2018), is psychoactive and makes you high as though you smoked weed. More and more people are embracing CBD, hence the need to know what it is.

CBD Categories- CBD Formulations

Are you set to enjoy CBD? You must know the CBD types or categories there are before you can go out to lay a hand in them. There are three types of CBD you can explore in any CBD product, and they include;

  1. Isolate CBD; is pure CBD, ideal for people who need CBD without additional compounds. It has no THC, terpenes, or flavonoids, hence why many novices choose it.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD; is one of the most widely sought CBD. It has CBD, THC, and other cannabis compounds, meaning it has extra benefits.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD; features as many compounds as full-spectrum CBD but has no THC, making it ideal for people who want to enjoy CBD with extra compounds but want no THC.

There is no better form of CBD. Rather, your choice depends on how you want it- with or without additional compounds, including CBD. Novices and people who want pure CBD go for isolates, but those who need CBD with other cannabis compounds would go for full- or broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Products for You

Besides CBD formulations or types, you must know the CBD products you can tap into to enjoy full CBD benefits. The body cells cannot absorb CBD as the compound it is, so it must feature in products that allow the body to benefit from it, including;

  1. CBD oils and tinctures; are liquid CBD forms with oils or high-proof alcohols as the base and can be bitter but certainly effective at CBD delivery.
  2. CBD edibles; like gummies and honey sticks, are sweet and flavored, allowing you to explore CBD without the earthy taste of CBD oil, but since they need time for digestion, they take time to deliver CBD effects.
  3. CBD topicals; like creams and balms, allow you to explore the benefits of CBD without getting to your blood and are applied externally. Studies are ongoing to prove them effective.
  4. CBD capsules; are more like edibles since they mask the bitter taste of CBD oil and need time for digestion, but they have no taste.
  5. CBD vapes; inhaling CBD is the fastest way to feel CBD effects, and many opt for vape oils, although they could irritate the lungs.

Is CBD Legal in North Dakota?

Are you ready to explore CBD? Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, and though the extent of the therapy cannot be gauged, many believe in this therapy anyway. Thus, you must know the legal status of CBD in North Dakota before trying any CBD in this state. Like other states in the US, North Dakota allows the legal use of CBD. You can enjoy CBD from hemp following the passing of the 2014 Agricultural Act, but the state also allows the legal use of CBD from flowering cannabis for people with a medical cannabis card. You can buy CBD from the local stores, although the best possible shot you could ever give CBD is to source it online.

Where to Buy CBD in North Dakota- Shopping Online

Since Covid-19 showed its face, many like online shopping since it eliminates the need to interact with people. Are you trying to buy CBD in North Dakota? The best possible shot you could opt for to get CBD is to look for your favorite product online. While you may get tired of scrolling through different brands, it is worth the effort. For instance, you will have access to many brands and products, allowing you have many options to tap into. Besides, you can get quality items at the best prices with many such options. Online shopping also features many incentives, including free shipping and discounts, allowing you to save on purchases. As if this is not enough, you also want to shop online because you can run background checks about a brand, look at its 3rd party test results, and ask questions before placing any orders. Isn’t online shopping the best way to get CBD?

Where to Buy CBD in North Dakota- Shopping in the Stores

You can order JustCBD products online from the brand’s official site, but you could also visit retailers like Discontent and Mellow Mood in Bismarck and Fargo to buy hemp-derived CBD. Besides, if you need cannabis-derived CBD, you must know that the only way to get it is by checking the CBD dispensaries in North Dakota. Buying CBD from the stores allows you to have your orders as soon as possible, and you need not pay delivery fees. However, you must note that in-store shopping also means getting many options as with online shopping, and the CBD here is generally expensive.

How to Buy Quality CBD in North Dakota

Whether you want to buy CBD online or locally in the North Dakota stores, you must take steps to protect the quality of the items. Many brands take advantage of the fact that many people want CBD and offer low-quality items that do not give true value for your cash. Here are a few reminders to help you protect your CBD items;

  • Only buy CBD from companies that test their products outside labs and avail the results online for easy viewing.
  • Focus on full-spectrum CBD since it allows you to benefit from CBD and additional cannabis compounds.
  • Ensure the CBD product you want is extracted using the clean CO2 extraction method and has no contaminant traces.
  • Avoid brands that make medical claims since CBD has not been proven to treat or cure anything.
  • Check the THC content of the item.

Cannabis Laws: Is Medical Cannabis Legal in North Dakota?

Many people use medical cannabis for medical reasons, and you certainly want to know how North Dakota views medical cannabis. In 2016, Measure 5 was passed, allowing people with severe medical conditions listed in the North Dakota cannabis laws, including HOV/AIDS, cancer, painful neuropathies, and PTSD, to use medical cannabis legally. There have many debates around the bill, and so far, some privileges have been withdrawn. For instance, as of 2017, you could plant 8 cannabis plants under the measure as long as you were 40 miles away from the local dispensaries, but the privilege was withdrawn. If you are 19 years and above, suffer from one of the listed medical conditions, and have been recommended by a doctor for marijuana, you can pay a $50 fee and apply for the medical cannabis card. The doctor should recommend smoking cannabis as the best way for you to take cannabis; otherwise, you can only take low-THC extracts and edibles from the dispensaries.

Cannabis Laws in North Dakota: Is Recreational Cannabis Legal?

While medical cannabis is legal, you must know that recreational marijuana is illegal in North Dakota. In November 2018, the House of Reps threw away a bill that would legalize cannabis for recreational use. It would allow people aged 21 years and above to access cannabis and plant it, but since it was thrown away, cannabis is illegal here. Of the voters, 41% voted yes, and 59% were against the bill.

Penalties for Cannabis Possession

Since recreational cannabis is illegal in North Dakota, you can face serious charges for having cannabis. What do the laws look like? Up to ½ ounce of cannabis is an infraction and attracts a maximum fine of $1000 and no jail. More than ½ ounce but less than 500 g of cannabis is a class B misdemeanor and could attract a $1,500 fine, 30 days in jail, or both. Ingesting cannabis is also a class B misdemeanor with similar charges.

Is Delta- 8 THC Legal in North Dakota?

Many people who cannot get cannabis prefer delta- 8 THC. Of course, it is not the same as delta- 9 THC or marijuana, but the two isomers have the same atoms in similar proportions. Besides, according to Kruger & Kruger (2022), delta- 8 THC is milder than delta- 9 THC. It is psychoactive but is not as potent as it. Is delta- 8 THC legal in North Dakota? No, like many US states, North Dakota looks at delta- 8 THC as synthetic and has banned it. Currently, you cannot buy delta- 8 THC unless the cannabis laws flex a bit.


Like most states in the US, North Dakota has legalized CBD. You can enjoy hemp-derived CBD statewide, while cannabis-derived CBD is only available for people with a medical cannabis card. The best shot you can give CBD is to buy it online since this allows the convenience of having the orders come to your doors and access to information and many brands and products. There are CBD retailers in Bismarck and Fargo that you could visit to buy CBD in the stores. Meanwhile, recreational cannabis and delta- 8 THC are illegal, and you cannot have them in North Dakota.


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